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Hemnalini Memorial College Of Engineering

Bhattacharya Engineering Education and Research Trust was formed by its  Trustees to build Hemnalini Memorial College (HMC) of Engineering to focus on Environmental Science and Engineering and related education. All members of this institute ,irrespective of their background will work together to adderss the technical aspects of our environmental problems at all levels, i.e. high school , adult education , technical training schools as well as higher education. Even though we believe that Environmental Engineering should be a separate course at the post-graduate level, we also believe that all engineers at B-Tech. level must incorporate environmental issues in their designs rather than “Doing something after a waste is produce”.

The mission is to integrate pollution control with the engineering design approach for all disciplines. Other engineers must not just wait for environmental engineers to do the “CLEAN-UP”. Also, when it comes to environmental pollution control, scientists, engineers and social workers MUST work together .Engineers scientists must have some knowledge about SOCIOLOGY to deal with our environmental problems and communicate with the general population. Our mission is to promote teaching and research in Environmental Science and Engineering through collaborative efforts with other established institutes and by promoting entrepreneurship in environmental problem solving & development cell.